March 30, 2021

V-Station HD: The “Swiss Army Knife” Of Multicam Video Recording & Streaming Demystified

V-Station HD is the result of thousands of hours spent by FutureVideo engineers who re-imagined the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). But, it’s so much more than that. Never before had multi-channel recording, world-class codecs, multi-channel streaming, project management, media management, automatic line-cut creation, XML transfer of project files to leading NLEs, project uploading to FTP sites, and social media integrations been put into a single product. It was challenging to […]
March 23, 2021

V-Station HD Updates & Upgrade Paths— Keep Your V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording & Streaming Systems From Becoming Obsolete

The Three Most Important Reasons Why V-Station HD Updates and Upgrades Matter: New capabilities await you. Boost your productivity at work. Protect your investment. There are other reasons like fixes to software anomalies that we identify on an on-going basis. V-Station HD System Upgrades: Get Up to 8 Channel Inputs If you own a V-Station HD Studio4 system with 4 inputs, it is possible now to upgrade your unit to […]
March 16, 2021

Reasons To Choose The V-Station HD

V-Station HD is unlike any video content creation and editing system you’ve ever encountered. The result of many thousands of hours of development time, it combines video production capabilities that have never been placed in a single 2U 19” rack-mount enclosure.  Understanding the Key Components of V-Station HD V-Station HD combines Project Management, Multiple Channel Recording/Streaming, Media Management, Live Production On-The-Fly Editing, and Project Delivery into an integrated solution designed […]
March 9, 2021

Optimizing The Video Editing Process

Tired of the tedium of video post-production? Many editors experienced frustration until V-Station HD streamlined the video editing process. How does it do this? An edited live Program recording (line-cut) can be yours immediately after the shoot. Plus, you’ll have a shot list and an EDL automatically generated for you. V-Station HD will take your video production’s project files and transfer them to your NLE system in a few mouse […]
March 2, 2021

Top Tips To Cut Down On Video Editing Time

Typical file-based video production sets directors and editors on a tedious path. V-Station HD’s advanced project-based workflow, on the other hand, can streamline the process and significantly cut down on video editing time. By the time video production ends, V-Station HD users will already have all camera recordings, shot list, and an edit decision list that were automatically generated.  Smart In-the-Field Video Editing Solution V-Station HD’s AutoProducer can edit on-the-fly […]
May 22, 2018

FutureVideo CEO Discusses V-Station HD With Digital Production Buzz’s Larry Jordan

Digital Production Buzz’s tech guru, Larry Jordan, interviews FutureVideo’s President & CEO about V-Station®HD Multi-Channel DVR Systems. Larry explores the cost-effective versatility and how they are such a time-saving paradigm-changer for multi-cam video content creators in business, government, and academia. Use the “Read more” button to reach the Tune in link.