V-Station HD is unlike any video content creation and editing system you’ve ever encountered. The result of many thousands of hours of development time, it combines video production capabilities that have never been placed in a single 2U 19” rack-mount enclosure. 

Understanding the Key Components of V-Station HD

V-Station HD combines Project Management, Multiple Channel Recording/Streaming, Media Management, Live Production On-The-Fly Editing, and Project Delivery into an integrated solution designed to save users both time and money. Moreover, it is considered a digital media asset ecosystem. 

V-Station HD’s Collaborative Capabilities

If the solution you seek must accommodate collaborative work on your video project, V-Station HD PostTools software can be loaded onto PCs used by other colleagues to allow editors to work on the project while V-Station HD is simultaneously recording a new project. If your project will become an edited video production, V-Station HD systems are up for the job. If your project pertains to recording for analytical review with event marking, logging, and annotation, it’s a job for V-Station HD as well. 

Professional Video Production with Minimal Effort

Users will be pleasantly surprised to find V-Station HD takes fewer crew members to operate and bring the project to completion. Some call it the “Swiss Army Knife” of video production systems—for good reason. It accommodates most applications, user profiles, and workflow preferences. Additionally, FutureVideo backs V-Station HD with a year of free software updates and a secure and reliable update/upgrade path to protect your investment. Users who need to produce videos for businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions consider V-Station HD to be one of their wisest equipment investment decisions.

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