V-Station® HD Studio Companion & PostTools Software

V-Station HD PostTools Software

V-Station HD PostTools(TM) is a PC-based software application which allows you to do many of the post editing tasks offline for projects originally recorded on a V-Station HD Studio series, Pro4 series, or Producer series system. In many cases, you won't even need to use other video editing software (NLE) to edit the project. In fact, you can create a multicam program video using up to 8 videos at a time that were recorded synchronously on any V-Station HD system. PostTools also let you do logging, make sub-clips, extract audio, merge clips, and output in various formats to send to a USB drive, LAN, YouTube, or your website using the built-in FTP uploader. It's the quickest way to get your production edited and reviewed. PostTools includes Multi-View® synchronized player, AutoProducer® editor, event logger, clip browser, and all the media management features of a V-Station HD system. V-Station HD systems provide a “one-click” way to transfer your projects to PostTools.

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