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V-Station HD Video Capture Packages are available up to 8 channels with either HDMI or SDI-BNC inputs. The V-Station HD Studio series capture packages were designed to be the most flexible, powerful, and expandable. Choose multi-channel FHD video capture and multi-channel UHD/4K video capture cards. V-Station HD's Project Media Management (PMM) software is included with all V-Station HD Capture packages. It's ideal for projects where you need to organize and structure your video clips with the ability to easily locate, annotate, and transfer the project to 3rd party video editing software. V-Station HD's Project Media Management Software handles the acquisition, logging, and delivery of your projects in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional off-the-shelf equipment and traditional production workflow methods.

Records up to 8 FHD video tracks or 4 UHD/4K Video tracks

With 4 or 8 full HD 1080p60 @ up to 40Mbps video track recording or 4 UHD/4K @ up to 30Mbps, plus a program out recording (AutoProducer Plug-in optional), it will create the live program track and still have the 4 or 8 channels of the original recordings to re-edit later with your NLE or use V-Station's Multi-View Plug-in (optional) or V-Station HD PostTools software. It has all the capabilities to record up to 40 hours of video per channel) with an incredible total of 320 hours of recording time with the standard 1TB drives.

B-roll media player (optional AutoProducer plug-in)

It has its own B-Roll media player for playing back graphics or videos you can record on your PC in a live shoot or use for presentation or cue card to a studio monitor.

Log events as they happen or afterwards

Enter markers and notes for each angle as an event occurs and find the exact frame upon playback with the built-in Media player.

Stream or send Program out to YouTube or Facebook (Optional AutoProducer Plug-in)

Whether you want to stream live or later upload your program after the shoot to YouTube or your website, its built in FTP uploader can be used.

Flexible User Interface

Use either a Touch screen (1920x1080) and/or standard PC monitor. Use one, two or even 3 monitors to easily see all your control and video.

Redundant recording

Configuring a dual set of 1 TB SSDs for redundant recording, safely ensures there is a backup of your sessions in case one drive should fail.

Multi-View Player/Multi-cam Editor (Optional Plug-in)

With the optional V-Station HD Multi-View Plug-in software (additional purchase), play back all videos in synchronized mode without re-encoding or transferring to an NLE system. Re-create the shoot, and cut as you play, creating as may different program.. all in minutes.

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