Multi-Channel/Multi-Track Synchronized FHD & 4K/UHDVideo Recording & Multi-Source Streaming Systems

Futurevideo developed the concept of “project-base” workflow, which, for many types of multicam projects, is a higher-level, easier to use, and more efficient means to manage a project’s assets and its structure than is possible with traditional production “file-based” workflow methods. “Project-based” workflow provides many productivity benefits to users in business, industry, academia, and government

V-Station’s Project Media Management (PMM) software and associated plug-ins provide the tools that support project-based workflow from acquisition to delivery. Media and metadata are managed with a SQL database. All video and audio tracks are recorded synchronously with a time-stamp to ensure they are automatically synchronized and organized while recording live and performing on-the-fly editing with AutoProducer®. Whether playing back with Multi-View®, PostTools, or when transferring the video project to a NLE system such as Apple's Final Cut Pro, Adobe's Premiere CC, or Magix's Vegas Pro, V-Station keeps the projects managed.

Live simultaneous multi-source streaming is possible for up to 8 simultaneous channels to different locations or the same location (different rooms) over the internet. Ideal for distance learning. Even the program out (Line-cut) can be live streamed onto YouTube or Facebook.

FutureVideo’s turn-key DVRs (Studio4 & Studio8) are integrated solutions for video capture, media management, live event production, and delivery in one single 2U rack-mount unit.

End-users and resellers with a “grab & go” application will find V-Station HD Producer4 and Producer4S with a compatible PC-based laptop to be an efficient way for multicam recording and streaming.

FutureVideo’s Studio and Producer Capture Packages and software enhancement plug-ins enable Systems Integrators and AV Contractors to custom-configure multicam solutions around V-Station HD technology in a compatible host PC.

Monitor All Channels (4-8) Live

View all video angles together on one screen and control the system with either a 10" USB touch-screen monitor—or with a standard PC monitor using a keyboard and mouse.

AutoProducer® Video Switcher, Line-Cuts Editor, and Live Streamer

Switch live between camera angles, send the program output to a HDMI monitor, and live stream to YouTube, Facebook, or a CDN such as Wowza— all while simultaneously creating the EDL that will be used for post-production editing. In addition, a Line-cut video recording is also created at the same time with your 'takes' which provide the 5th or 9th video track recording (Pro4 Plus & Studio4, Studio8 models).

Automatically Organizes Each Project

As part of its revolutionary design, V-Station HD system software organizes and manages your recordings into "projects" using a SQL database system—making it dramatically easier to find the desired content for viewing, editing or transferring to other systems.

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Log Events—Live or During Play Back

A log of event markers with descriptions can be entered for any frame of each clip during recording and review during play back.

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Simultaneous Playback & Review Of Your Footage

Even while recording, you can play back previous shots using the built-in media player. Pull up the play list by project and review footage. Log footage for each frame. This is ideal for rehearsals.

Multi-Channel Live Streaming

V-Station HD Studio4 and Studio8 models do simultaneous "multi-streaming" of each of the video camera feeds to any local or internet site. In addition, the "line-cut" can now be streamed in real-time to YouTube Live or Facebook Live during the shoot.

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Transition Effects on Program Output

Perform transitions while switching between different camera angles - do dissolves, fades, slides, wipes (Pro4 Plus, Studio4, and Studio8).

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Picture Store

The Picture Store is a feature that let's you add in graphics (titles, credits, images, color bars) to your production. Simply switch between any video angle to an image in the picture store, or between images. (Pro4 Plus, Studio4, and Studio8).

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Multi-View® Synchronized Playback & Editor

V-Station HD Studio4/Studio8 with the Studio Companion Module add-on (additional purchase) provides instant synchronized Multi-View playback of up to 8 video clips, and a variety of editing features—without having to re-encode, thanks to its proprietary TruSync® feature.

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Seamless XML Project Transfer To Editing systems

Whether you're using Adobe Premiere Pro CS/CC, Apple Final Cut Pro, or Sony Vegas Pro, we've made the editing job faster & easier than ever before by using XML project transfer from the V-Station HD to your NLE software.

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Clip Library Browser

V-Station HD Pro4 Plus and Studio4 Systems provide a quick and easy way to find the recordings previously recorded with a V-Station HD system using the intuitive built-in Clip Browser.

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Fast Offline Multi-Camera Editor

The V-Station HD Studio Companion add-on incorporates the revolutionary AutoProducer® feature which makes it easy and quick to produce a multi camera video by making line cuts as you play back the footage.

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Versatile System Configurations

V-Station HD systems are very versatile and can be configured in a variety of ways—depending on your workflow needs and personal style—to bring optimum efficiency to your projects.

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Remote Operation Over LAN or Internet

The V-Station HD Systems incorporate a feature which makes it possible to control the system either over a LAN or the Internet using a Remote Desktop Connection

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