Professionally-produced video content can educate, entertain, and shape the perceptions of viewers. Businesses, institutions, and governmental agencies rely on it to get their message before their target audience. Web-based productions on YouTube and Vimeo are being watched more than traditional cable/satellite broadcasts. Having a system designed to do on-the-fly editing, easy transfer to video editing software, and delivery is critical to being productive. Motion Picture directors and cinematographers rely on video for pre-visualization, wherein camera angles, lighting, location scouting, and other pre-production elements can be tested. More can be learned about this application in FutureVideo’s, V-Station HD Pre-Visualization Tech Brief”. 

Typical Applications Involving Video Production

  • Live Events
  • Podcasting /Web Video
  • Cinema Pre-Visualization
  • Community Access Television
  • Multicam Recording Backup
  • E-Sports
  • Interviews

Video Production Solutions | What We Offer

With V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems, FutureVideo dramatically altered the multi-camera paradigm. Instead of a tedious file-based approach, V-Station HD is based on a proprietary project-based workflow concept. The software integrates all of the workflow elements and manages them within individual projects—from acquisition to delivery. All of the metadata pertaining to the video clips is encapsulated within the V-Station HD project. Time is saved and more is accomplished more with less staff. V-Station HD’s long recording times means no more storage cards running out of space or getting misplaced and is a thing of the past. With its up to 8 hardware H.264 encoders, there are no long waits for re-encoding before the production can be delivered.

  • V-Station®HD Producer Series Capture Packages: Up to 4-Channel/5-Track Recording/Switching/Streaming. 4 x SDI or 1 x HDMI + 3 x SDI inputs (user configurable). PC required. 
  • V-Station®HD Studio Series FHD Capture Packages: 4-Channel/5-Track FHD Recording/Streaming System. 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI input models.
  • V-Station®HD Studio Series FHD/UHD/4K Capture Packages: 4-Channel/4 -Track UHD/4K Recording/Streaming System. 6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI Plus 4-Channel/5-Track FHD Recording/Streaming System. 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI input models.
  • Why FutureVideo?

    FutureVideo was founded in 1986. We design, engineer, and manufacture innovative multi-channel recording and streaming systems. Our revolutionary V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems are respected for their ease-of-use and productivity benefits. 

    While V-Station HD’s project and media management tools were originally configured along a cinematography model, they support a diverse range of user profiles and allow user-definable project nomenclature. V-Station HD systems are backed up by the customer support and upgrade/update path professionals expect. There is much you can learn from our website—including the V-Station HD video tutorials and tech briefs. If you’re ready for a V-Station HD online immersion session, book here.