About FutureVideo

FutureVideo is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of control products for video and audio applications. The company has created affordable, innovative hardware and software products for analog and digital media control applications across a wide range of applications in industry, government, and academia. Since its founding in 1986, FutureVideo has been granted various patents, awards for excellence, and “industry firsts.” These attest to the company’s commitment to shattering performance envelopes while raising the bar for value and ease-of-use.

Corporate History

FutureVideo’s first products were stand-alone videotape edit controllers that enabled inter-format/inter-protocol videotape editing with unprecedented accuracy from prosumer/low-end industrial VCRs and camcorders.

In more recent events, by 2010 saw FutureVideo investing thousands of engineering hours to re-invent the DVR. The resulting V-Station® HD Multi-Channel DVR Systems enabled 4 simultaneous video recordings to be made in full HD (H.264 1080p 60fps)—and synchronously played back. Moreover, V-Station HD’s AutoProducer® feature enabled content producers to work more like directors than editors. V-Station HD shortened the time from wrap to output reel delivery to a matter of minutes for multi-camera video production.

FutureVideo solutions have been used in aerospace, law enforcement, sports, behavioral studies, criminal justice, military, event videography, education, and other applications. The company’s OEM and end-user clients have included Panasonic, TEAC, Olympus, Adelphia, Pinnacle, Canopus, Sekai, UC Berkeley, Cornell University, and many others. The company is privately held and based in Orange County, California.

Product Awards

    EC1000U Auto-assemble Edit Controller
    Consumer Electronics Show
    EC1000 PRO Multi-format Auto-assemble Edit Controller
    Audio Video International
    TCG-2000 Portable SMPTE Time Code Generator

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