Tired of the tedium of video post-production? Many editors experienced frustration until V-Station HD streamlined the video editing process. How does it do this?

An edited live Program recording (line-cut) can be yours immediately after the shoot. Plus, you’ll have a shot list and an EDL automatically generated for you. V-Station HD will take your video production’s project files and transfer them to your NLE system in a few mouse clicks. More importantly, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Magix/Sony Vegas users will find that bins were created, filled with the clips, placed on the timeline, and synchronized—automatically

Avoid Spending Hours Editing Videos

Hours of tedium vanish, thanks to V-Station HD’s AutoProducer and XML file transfer utility. V-Station HD’s project-based workflow concept simplifies the video editing process in ways that will help editors save time and effort.

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