Top Tips To Cut Down On Video Editing Time

Typical file-based video production sets directors and editors on a tedious path. V-Station HD’s advanced project-based workflow, on the other hand, can streamline the process and significantly cut down on video editing time. By the time video production ends, V-Station HD users will already have all camera recordings, shot list, and an edit decision list that were automatically generated. 

Smart In-the-Field Video Editing Solution

V-Station HD’s AutoProducer can edit on-the-fly and create a live Program recording (line-cut) of the production at the same time as an additional audio/video track. The line-cut can be tightened up with the built-in trimming tools. 

Seamless Video Production File Transfer Tools

For more advanced video editing needs, the most important time saver awaits. V-Station HD can transfer all of the project files, including video footage, audio tracks, and metadata via a proprietary built-in XML file transfer utility to leading Non-linear Editing (NLE) software—Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Magix/Sony Vegas. 

No Need for an Assistant Editor

Automatically, the bins are created, loaded with the clips, and the project placed on the timeline, and synchronized for you. The editor only needs to fine-tune the video production by adding transitions, titles, and credits. V-Station HD has dramatically reduced your video editing and overall post-production time.

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