Case Study: SouthWest Dealer Services Achieves Dramatic Video Training Productivity Boost With V-Station®HD

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Multi-Camera/multi-Room training.

V-Station HD Studio Multi-Channel Production DVR System, 4 x Canon camcorders, Video Projector

Irvine, California-based SouthWest Dealer Services conducts specialized courses for retail automotive industry sales people. Role playing, an integral part of the week-long course, is captured on multiple video cameras in different training rooms.​ Upon completion, the students are each provided with a video of their course activity–including their individual practice sessions and critiques.

The Workflow Bottleneck
SouthWest needed a way to improve training results and overcome inefficiencies in their course-produced videos. Workflow was clearly a problem. A V-Station HD Studio Multi-Channel DVR System proved it could satisfy both needs. A test run convincingly demonstrated how unnecessarily convoluted their existing workflow of capturing, editing, and converting video truly was. Until then, Training Manager Peter Velau had been burning the footage taken from each of the 4 camcorders onto DVDs, then from the DVDs to a Window’s PC editing system (Microsoft Movie Maker and Roxio, each for different purposes), then converted the video back to DVD format, and finally burned the edited version onto a new DVD. He would then mail the DVD to the student. All this took about two days of Velau’s time and he was overdue for a more efficient solution.

The V-Station HD Solution
According to Peter, “We developed a top-notch training curriculum. But, I had to find a better way of handling the video observation & analysis aspect. It was tedious! V-Station HD seemed to provide the capabilities and features I sought–in one system. Once our V-Station HD Studio system was operational, I was amazed at how much time I saved. Now, I’m able to edit and process student performance during session breaks. When the course concludes, I’m able to place a USB thumb drive with the V-Station HD-produced content in the students’ hands as they exit our facility. We then send duplicates to our field support team to guide them with student follow-up.”

V-Station HD Studio4 Training Diagram (with border)

SouthWest Dealer Services Training Facility

The Bottom Line
With V-Station HD Studio, Southwest Dealers Services was able to radically simplify their workflow. Tasks that had taken days now take hours. Plus, the finished video content is immediately available to their students.

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