Case Study: NEP Selects V-Station®HD Studio4 For Use On CBS TV Show “The Talk”

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Multi-Channel line-cut proxy recording of network TV show.

FutureVideo V-Station HD Studio4 Multi-Channel DVR System.

Broadcast engineering services behemoth NEP provides the production services for the television show “The Talk” airing daily on CBS. It’s shot in a sound stage on the CBS lot in Studio City, California (once the home of Republic Pictures).

The Workflow Bottleneck
As one of his daily tasks, NEP engineer Jason Celek burned and distributed low-resolution SD copies of show episodes on DVD to various production and network departments. He sought a way to replace the inefficient optical-based system with an advanced yet affordable file-based proxy HD recording solution.

V-Station HD Solution
Celek’s evaluation of FutureVideo’s V-Station HD Multi-Channel/Multi-Stream DVR Systems convinced him the Studio4 model would meet his needs and provide additional capabilities that would be quite useful.

With NEP’s newly acquired V-Station HD Studio4 system installed, Celek gained the ability to simultaneously record up to 4 video feeds, but uses 3 in the application at this time. He assigned Channel 1 to record the line-cut with a window-burn of LTC. Channel 2 records the same feed without the time code burn. Channel 3 was set to record the same “line-cut” signal at a low 6Mb/sec rate (for reduced file size) which is then shunted off to the network as the show’s “return feed.”

Though V-Station HD can record full 1080p 60fps HD at high bit rates, Celek opted to use its lower resolution and lower bit rate settings to make the proxies. These became immediately distributeable, without format conversion, thanks to V-Station HD’s H.264 MP4 file-based recording technology and its FTP site uploader. Studio4’s Project & Media Asset Management software enabled the entire process to be efficiently controlled and for desired content to be easily located.

The Bottom Line
NEP’s V-Station HD Studio4 system enabled them to save time and reduce workflow steps, while speeding up access to the show’s content. Plus, Studio4 provided them with a cost-effective way to record 4-cam HD rehearsals, which the show’s Producers can access at will through DropBox.

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