October 10, 2013

Case Study: City of Chino Hills Selects V-Station®HD Systems To Record Community Events

APPLICATION Multi-camera recording of City Council proceedings and community events for upload to the city’s website. PRINCIPAL SYSTEM COMPONENTS FutureVideo V-Station HD Studio Multi-Channel DVR System (HDMI), FutureVideo V-Station HD Field Multi-Channel DVR System (HDMI). USER EXPERIENCE The City of Chino Hills is a young, progressive community located in south-eastern Orange County, California. The Workflow Bottleneck Community Relations Manager Valerie McClung and Video Production Manager Robert Wells, needed an efficient […]
October 8, 2013

Immediate Project Visualization with V-Station®HD Multi-Cam DVR Systems

From film dailies to video assist, Directors and Cinematographers have sought fast and affordable ways to assess their acquisition footage so as to better visualize the project. The exclusive AutoProducer™ feature on FutureVideo’s V-Station HD Multi-Channel/Multi-Stream DVR Systems provide a new generation of immediate project visualization tools. Screen tests, live-action storyboarding, and testing different camera angles/lighting treatments has never been so easy. AutoProducer automatically tracks the cut decisions between up […]
October 8, 2013

Accommodating HD-SDI & HDMI Sources with V-Station®HD Multi-Cam DVR Systems

FutureVideo’s paradigm-changing V-Station HD Multi-Channel/Multi-Stream DVR Systems support cameras and video feeds that have HDMI or HD-SDI signals. Users of V-Station HD range can “mix and match” as needed. The first release versions of V-Station HD have 4 HDMI inputs. FutureVideo will provide its FV0303 conversion kit—free of charge for a limited time—to convert any or all inputs to HD-SDI. The kit comprises 4 converters (HD-SDI In/HDMI Out) with power […]