From Shoot to Podcast with V-Station®HD

Whether creating a multi-cam live event podcast or shooting for post-production podcasts, V-Station HD Multi-Channel DVR Systems provide the content creator/producer with a rich set of tools to easily do either or both of these types of productions. The V-Station HD workflow has been designed to make it easy, require fewer personnel, and cut costs for multi-cam podcast productions.

V-Station HD systems can not only record up to 8 camera angles at the same time during a live event, but also provide editing on-the-fly and streaming of the live production to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or sending a private RTSP/RTMP stream to another location. In fact, the V-Station HD Studio4 and Studio8 models, in addition to streaming the live program, allow multi-streaming of up to 8 channels of camera feeds at the same time. If there is no internet connection at the live event, V-Station HD’s built-in YouTube and FTP uploader can be used to send the pre-recorded line-cut video to your broadcast server after the event wraps.

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