High-quality video recording/streaming is one of the technologies changing the way the medical practices and hospital facilities operate. One of the key areas that video technology is revolutionizing is how they archive procedures and train their staff. Video training is an effective tool and helps minimize mistakes. When surgeons maintain a video record of their procedures, they are able to minimize the risk of unintended consequences.

Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases in the Medical Field

When it comes to the use of a multi-channel DVR, the medical field is able to offer remote support to patients. By streaming high-quality video feeds from the patient’s location to a medical facility, nurses and doctors can monitor their patients visually as well as track his or her vitals remotely. This technology also helps hospitals make better use of their resources such as staff and hospital beds. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is especially important as the medical infrastructure in the United States is pushed to its limits.

V-Station® HD Solutions for the Medical Field

With V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems, users can train medical professionals on emergency protocols. V-Station HD can record and stream multiple video feeds for performance analysis during the EMT training regimen. V-Station HD’s revolutionary project-based workflow concept changes the way medical workers document procedures, train staff, and share information.

V-Station HD systems offer multiple-angle capture and streaming capabilities. They can support up to 8 cameras and include powerful media management tools for synchronous recording and playback of recordings and specific clips. Events can be marked for instant cueing and annotation. V-Station HD project-based workflow keeps track of the project metadata, playlists, and logs from the start. Project particulars will be in place before recording and streaming begin. The powerful project management capabilities provide the content access and security provisions needed in healthcare.

Why Medical Institutions Should Work with FutureVideo

Since 1986, we’ve been driven by a passion to make innovative products that are easy to use. If you’re ready to explore how V-Station HD can be harnessed for your medical applications, book an online immersion session here. If you have special needs, custom capabilities can often be added to V-Station HD systems.