FutureVideo provides prospective V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming System users—and the Systems Integrators who satisfy their needs—with an array of resources in this website’s Support page. If you are unfamiliar with our technology and product range, feel free to browse through our market-specific guides.

About Our V-Station® HD Solutions

At FutureVideo, we realized that the real costs lie in recurring post-production tasks and workflows. V-Station HD’s capacity to streamline workflows can considerably reduce video content creation and distribution time and expense. This is particularly true for multi-camera projects–whether your content will be used for analytical purposes or edited into an exhibitable production. V-Station HD’s project-based workflow design puts all of the metadata in place before recording or streaming takes place.

Useful Resources

  • Case Studies

Explore how users in different industries have used V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems for their applications. Case Studies include examples of V-Station HD for Observation & Analysis, Broadcast, Training, Live Events, and Government Proceedings. V-Station HD systems address a wide range of applications.

  • Technical Documents

V-Station HD Specifications, Model Comparison, and Compatibility documentation provide more clarity for users. Everything you’re likely to need to know about media management, resolutions, frame and bit rates, recording times, input channels, and much more is available. We have produced a range of FutureVideo Tech Briefs that address specific topics, such as how quickly and easily V-Station HD video projects are transferred to leading NLE systems, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Magix/Sony Vegas Pro.

  • Video Tutorials

Our library of step-by-step video tutorials will acquaint you with how V-Station HD Multi-Channel Video Recording/Streaming Systems actually work. The use of V-Station HD Studio Companion and PostTools™ software is also addressed.

If you have any questions about our V-Station HD solutions, feel free to contact us today. If you’re ready for an online immersion session, book yours here.