As technology evolves, manufacturers are finding that HD video streaming can change the way they operate. In process control, manufacturers need to monitor the manufacturing process in real-time and share information with other staff and possibly suppliers. Multi-channel DVRs also enable process monitoring and recording of the results.

Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases in the Manufacturing Industry

Multi-channel DVR and streaming technology are changing the way manufacturers operate. Combined with new technologies, factories can do more work, for less cost and achieve better quality. A good example is the combination of video/audio streaming with face recognition technologies. Using this combination, manufacturers are able to control access to sensitive areas within their manufacturing plants. This minimizes the chances of industrial accidents and thus greater operational efficiency is achieved.

High-definition video streaming also helps manufacturers to inspect raw material in great detail as it arrives at their plant. Using this technology, the quality control staff can monitor processes locally and over the internet. 

V-Station® HD Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems are uniquely configured to satisfy the diverse needs manufacturers have. V-Station HD uses a revolutionary project-based workflow, rather than the haphazard file-based approach. With project based workflow, users find it much easier to manage and organize the recordings when multiple cameras are involved than traditional file-based workflow. You will be able to capture up to 160 – 320 hours of multiple angles and play them back synchronously for review and annotation. V-Station HD’s powerful media management tools make it easy to see exactly where a problem may have occurred, extract clips, or assemble them into a single file for review. Naturally, V-Station HD can be used for training as well as for comparing various manufacturing methodologies.

Why the Manufacturing Industry Should Work with FutureVideo

Many manufacturing processes use video and audio streaming services for process monitoring and analysis. If your manufacturing plant would like to incorporate multi-camera video recording/streaming systems into your operations, reach out to FutureVideo today. We have cutting edge proprietary technology that will revolutionize the way your plant operates. Explore the website and contact us about your application. If you’re ready for an online immersion session, book yours here.