Organizing and running an event or performance requires careful planning and execution like most forms of video production. Recording and capturing an event or performance is essential if it needs to reach out to a certain audience through online streaming channels or direct TV output. Video production is also capable of storing recorded events for on-demand screening and long-term storage to support proper documentation and future retrieval needs.

Events & Performances Multi-Channel DVR and Streaming Use Cases

Multi-channel DVRs and streaming are important for events and performances which are different from other forms of video recording projects. Productions that are based on a script can be repeated if a scene is not up to expectations. An event or performance is a one-off occurrence or a live affair that cannot be reshot should there be mistakes. Thus, recording an event or performance is essential as the occasion is streamed for live audience and recorded for on-demand streaming or for documentation purposes. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hosting live performances are prohibited. FutureVideo’s multi-channel live streaming systems can broadcast your artists’ performances via Facebook, YouTube website, and 3rd-party content delivery networks.

V-Station® HD Solutions for Events & Performances

V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems are ideal for live events and performances. Redundant RAID1 mirrored recording of the up to 8 camera feeds is built in. So are administrative controls to prevent unauthorized access or content erasure. V-Station HD uses proprietary project-based workflow, instead of an inefficient file-based approach. Users find it’s much easier to manage and organize the recordings when multiple cameras are involved than traditional methods.

You can also switch seamlessly between camera feeds and between cameras and picture stores—with transition effects. V-Station HD enables users who prefer not to switch between camera angles during the live event to recreate the live event after wrapping and do it then. The powerful media management tools will boost your productivity. V-Station HD requires fewer crew during the event. It will save you considerable time and boost your productivity during post-production and content distribution. Music royalty agency, ASCAP, uses V-Station HD for rehearsals.

Why You Should Choose FutureVideo Products for Events and Performances

FutureVideo aims to make your job easier by automating most manual tasks and syncing data smoothly for centralized video access. Our proprietary V-Station® HD system for live events support direct Internet streaming for a seamless recording session. You can expect to save time and reduce workload with the innovative solutions that we offer at FutureVideo.

Live event professionals can browse through more information on the website and from FutureVideo’s Tech Brief, “Live Multi-channel and Multi-cam Streaming With V-StationHD.” Feel free to contact us about your application today. If you’re ready for an online immersion session, book yours here.