The legal industry is broad and encompasses a variety of specialties. From criminal law to corporate law, legal firms are expected to share information and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. The speed and efficiency of this collaboration often make the difference in a legal case. For example, lawyers can take depositions from witnesses who are in far-flung areas and use this in a legal process. In the last few years, lawyers are moving away from recorded testimonies to live witness testimonies streamed over a secure Internet connection.

The ability to record and stream digital content ensures timely information that is made available at a significantly lower cost.

Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases in the Legal Industry

Multi-channel DVRs and streaming are used in the legal industry to train junior associates. Even though recordings are usually not allowed in the courtroom, other legal operations have no such limitations. For example, negotiated settlements are normally recorded in order to offer a record of the deliberations. Such footage can be used by a law firm to train junior staff on how to handle such negotiations. Where permitted, the proceedings can even be streamed live so that the associates have a more experiential engagement with the content.

Multi-channel DVRs and streaming solutions for the legal industry also help lawyers to handle negotiated settlements easily as they can incorporate multiple individuals into the same feed. A husband and a wife can remotely engage in their divorce settlement proceedings without being in the same room.

V-Station® HD Solutions for the Legal Industry

V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems are well-suited for these applications. Content access and use is subject to extensive Administrative controls built into each project. V-Station HD is configured for intuitive project-based workflow. With V-Station HD’s intuitive project-based workflow, users find it much easier to manage and organize the recordings when multiple cameras are involved than traditional file-based workflow. Provision for annotation of recordings makes collaboration easy. The powerful media management tools provide the ability to mark and immediately cue to specific video locations for reviewing purposes. V-Station HD’s extensive administrative tools prevent unauthorized access or erasure of project content. Recordings of negotiated settlements can be used by a law firm to train junior staff. Where permitted, courtroom proceedings can be streamed live. The DC Court of Appeals in Washington uses V-Station HD for selected courtroom proceedings.

Why the Legal Industry Should Work with FutureVideo

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