As IT professionals, you are likely aware of the benefits of live video streaming. However, is your company utilizing it to its full potential? And more importantly, do you have the appropriate equipment to meet your needs? If your company is interested in acquiring cutting-edge multi-channel video recording and streaming systems, reach out to FutureVideo. Our FCC-compliant V-Station HD systems for IT professionals make use of the latest technology without compromising on cost.

About the IT Industry

New technology gets introduced every year and with that, your team has to constantly upgrade their skills.

Below are the common multi-camera video recording/streaming applications of IT professionals:

  • Training: Without doubt, the IT industry is one where constant training and upgrading is required, simply because new pieces of software are released all the time. Ensure that your team is fully equipped with the knowledge they need to operate new equipment and software through a live streamed training session. With remote working arrangements and international teams being the new norm, video streaming is perhaps the only way of getting everyone together at once.
  • Important Brand Changes: When brand changes are made that will impact the whole team, you are able to make company-wide announcements across borders with video streaming. This ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the company’s future direction.
  • Webinars for Customers: Setting up and using software can be incredibly confusing for people outside the industry. When you host an instructional webinar for customers, you are showing them that your brand cares about them being able to utilize the technology instead of just selling it to them.

Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases in the IT Industry

The fact is that IT can be like speaking a different language for people not well-versed in it. This is true when it comes to learning how to use newly purchased equipment or software. To this end, IT professionals can conduct live streams teaching customers how to set up or use a software. As these kinds of explanations are not usually conducive to text, meeting your customers where they hang out such as Facebook and YouTube can help to increase brand awareness, showing customers that you care.

V-Station® HD Solutions for the IT Industry

V-Station® HD systems from FutureVideo are perfect for IT professionals, especially those who are managing international teams. When hosting internal meetings to update separate teams about what has been going on across borders, you can easily switch from PowerPoint slides and pictures to live video, and vice versa. In addition, the system supports up to 8 video streams at once, meaning you can take questions from individual customers during webinars or speak to individual team members.

Why IT Professionals Should Work with FutureVideo

At FutureVideo, our products are designed to improve business processes and customer engagement. Our innovative V-Station® HD systems can automatically stream via Facebook Live and YouTube, capturing customers where they are at. If you are making a product announcement, these live streams can be shared swiftly through your company’s social media channels with the V-Station® HD software.

If you want to inquire about our V-Station® HD Multi-Channel Recording & Streaming Systems IT professionals, feel free to contact us today.