Most citizens prefer to be kept in the loop for information from their government, especially during the current pandemic. In order to ensure everyone remains well-informed at all times, reliable video services need to be implemented. FutureVideo offers an array of video recording and streaming solutions that are capable of covering high-quality local events, legislative sessions, community engagement programs, and more. We have the tools that government agencies need to broadcast critical communication anywhere and anytime. We are also able to control the message to ensure announcements are made with utmost consistency and clarity to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion. Our main objective is to ensure businesses have the necessary media management solutions to raise awareness and to empower citizens through on-demand or live media access that is accurate and up-to-date.

Government Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases

The range of solutions offered by FutureVideo is more than just a simple video. It is a crucial tool that connects the government with its citizens. We are able to accept projects for an HD workflow, live TV coverage, emergency response communication, and more. Our multi-channel and multi-camera streaming functions through the feeding of audio and video transmission from the local government facility to a real-time production setup. It will then flow through a series of multi-camera feeds that gets streamed directly to a production video interface via a monitor with the aid of transcoding. The audience can expect a high-quality video that is projected by a media server which can convert the data to HTTP for viewings on the Internet live or on-demand.

V-Station® HD Solutions for Government Agencies

FutureVideo offers multi-camera video recording and streaming solutions that are suitable for local events, legislative sessions, community engagement programs, and more. V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems provide the tools that government agencies need to create and disseminate their content. V-Station HD’s revolutionary project-based workflow eliminates the tedium in file-based solutions. This makes it much easier for users to manage and organize multiple camera recordings than archaic methods. The advanced media management tools combine multi-camera recording (up to 8), channel switching, streaming the content to public or private point-to-point destinations, on-the-fly editing—all in a single unified package.

Why Government Agencies Should Work with FutureVideo

FutureVideo engineers invested tens of thousands of hours to make V-Station HD a paradigm-shifting solution for multiple camera recording and streaming applications. Review the information on our website. If you want to know more about how the needs of government agencies can be satisfied by V-Station HD technology, feel free to contact us today. If you’re ready for an online immersion session, book yours here. You’ll be in good hands…our legacy of media management products dates back to 1986.