The global enterprise video market is projected to grow by more than 20% annually. It is an extremely profitable business which corporations can maximize to indirectly market products and services, provide resources to inform customers’ purchase decisions, generate revenue and more.

The most common uses cases of multi-camera video recording/streaming systems done include:

  • Product Launches: Apple is one company that makes use of live streaming to great effect. Announcing a live stream ahead of the latest product release, millions of customers, journalists and vloggers tuned in to their product launch announcement.
  • Webinars and Conferences: Live corporate events that operate “talk show” style can be streamed to provide customers with valuable information regarding a product or service. Especially when it comes to jargon-rich industries such as real estate and investment, streaming webinars and conferences can provide customers with the information they need to make informed purchase decisions.
  • Internal Meetings: With the prevalence of remote working arrangements and international teams today, conducting a physical meeting where all participants are present has gotten increasingly difficult. Easily include all team members and shareholders with integrated multi-channel video recording and streaming systems.

Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases for Corporations

There’s no doubt about it: customers love live videos. In fact, 82% of surveyed users said they would rather watch a brand’s live stream than browse their social media content. When corporations reach out to customers on the platforms they are using, customers do not have to go out of their way to connect with your brand. From YouTube and Facebook to your own website, meet customers where they are to drive interest and increase revenue and engagement.

V-Station® HD Solutions for Corporate Communications

V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems are perfectly suited for a broad range of corporate communications. V-Station HD’s advanced project-based workflow design makes content creation and delivery much more efficient than haphazard file-based processes. Multiple user profiles can be accommodated. Users can record and switch between up to 8 video camera feeds, PowerPoint slides, and picture stores. Up to 9 video streams carry your content to the intended audience. V-Station HD’s 8-channel feeds can be simultaneously streamed via RTSP/RTMP point-to-point without needing a third-party service. In addition, the 9th stream can be from the built-in video switcher’s output. This provides a program stream that can be sent to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or a content delivery network (CDN). All this and more is integrated with V-Station HD’s powerful media management capabilities.

Why Corporations Should Work with FutureVideo

At FutureVideo, our products are designed to make multi-cam video recording and streaming an easy and convenient process. Our innovative V-Station® HD system can automatically stream via Facebook Live and YouTube, capturing customer interest and engaging directly with them. Whether you are making a product announcement or hosting a webinar to address customer inquiries, these live streams can be shared swiftly through your company’s multiple social media channels.

V-Station HD’s powerful media management tools are designed to simplify corporate communications. Detailed product and application information awaits you on our website. To learn more, feel free to contact us today. If you’re ready for an online immersion session, book yours here.