Engineers in the aerospace industry are required to monitor thousands of individual parts in order to understand how these parts perform individually and as part of a complex system that makes up the aircraft. Live or recorded videos can be useful when it comes to these processes. Engineers can not only monitor these parts, but they can also share the content (in real-time or recorded) with other engineers who then offer their input. Video streaming technology also makes collaborative efforts in the aerospace industry easier.

In an industry where various components of an airplane are made in different factories, video and audio streaming technologies allow numerous groups, working in different locations to share information. This in turn speeds up the process of manufacturing and refining airplane parts and thus speeds up the overall manufacturing process. 

Aerospace Multi-Channel Video Recording and Live Streaming Use Cases

From onboarding training to mission recording, V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems satisfy these needs—and many more. V-Station HD’s project-based workflow concept enables each mission to be a separate project. The Indian Space Exploration Organisation (India’s NASA), deploys multiple V-Station HD Studio8 Systems to record their rocket launches from all feasible angles at 60 fps. Other governmental, military, and private sector entities with similar needs will find V-Station HD provides a trustworthy solution to their observation and analysis needs.

With multi-channel streaming systems, aerospace engineers can also test and share information with other researchers across the industry. Multi-camera video recording/streaming systems make it significantly easier for these scientists to observe intricate airplane parts.

V-Station® HD Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

V-Station HD technology is highly-advanced, but the systems are easy to set up and use. V-Station HD’s revolutionary project-based workflow concept is derived from its extensive media management tools and powerful SQL database. With a project-based workflow, users find it much easier to manage and organize the recordings when multiple cameras are involved, compared to traditional file-based workflow.

Why the Aerospace Industry Should Work with FutureVideo

FutureVideo is the ultimate solution when it comes to multi-channel recording/streaming solutions for the aerospace industry. Our technology is cutting edge and our V-Station® HD FCC/CE-compliant V-Station HD systems offer immense utility to aerospace engineers. We design our products to be highly advanced but still easy to set up and use. These benefits make them applicable in many industries. We also ensure that all our products have excellent support, and you can also count on us to offer you multi-channel and multi-camera streaming solutions at competitive prices.

If special capabilities or support for more cameras are needed, custom versions of V-Station HD can be configured for aerospace agencies. Explore the information on our website and contact us about your needs. If you’re ready for an online immersion session, book yours here.