Banish HDMI Cable Tyranny & Go Wireless With Your V-Station®HD System

FutureVideo engineers have tested the Gefen model GTV-WHD1080p0SRR/LRR Wireless HDMI Adapter System with V-Station HD. We found it to be a viable way to “cut the cord” for those not wishing to be constrained by a HDMI camera umbilical. The Gefen units worked well in combination with V-Station HD Multi-Channel/Multi-Stream DVR Systems when using 2 wireless connected camera units and 2 wired cameras. Full 1080p60 signals from both our HDMI cameras were transmitted without any interference or signal degradation. We also found them suitable for use with HD-SDI cameras when connected to the HD-SDI-to-HDMI Converter Kit. Gefen link

The Gefen system requires that a power adapter or USB power pack be connected to the transmitter dongle. So, if portability is a factor, keep this in mind. The receiver connects directly to the V-Station HD System’s HDMI input.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Extra mobility to enable you to get the camera angles and footage you need.

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