Immediate Project Visualization with V-Station®HD Multi-Cam DVR Systems

From film dailies to video assist, Directors and Cinematographers have sought fast and affordable ways to assess their acquisition footage so as to better visualize the project. The exclusive AutoProducer™ feature on FutureVideo’s V-Station HD Multi-Channel/Multi-Stream DVR Systems provide a new generation of immediate project visualization tools. Screen tests, live-action storyboarding, and testing different camera angles/lighting treatments has never been so easy.

AutoProducer automatically tracks the cut decisions between up to four cameras and enables a rough cut to be created with the push of a button. But it doesn’t stop there. As many variations of the cut decisions the Director or Cinematographer may desire can be created for evaluation. These versions can be simultaneously played back via V-Station HD’s Multi-View feature.

VS-HD Pre-Visualization Tech Brief

THE BOTTOM LINE: V-Station HD dramatically—and affordably—expands project visualization prospects and speed.

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