FutureVideo offers an array of options to make your V-Station HD system reflect your application and preferred work style, including:

  • Professional Jog/Shuttle Controller – FutureVideo’s V-Station HD Jog/Shuttle Controller provides comfortable tactile control for review and playback of your content.
  • Studio Companion add-on – Provides Studio4 systems with Multi-view synchronized playback,logging, and off-line editing tools for quick delivery.
  • Extended-length Professional HDMI Cables – Increases distance from sources to V-Station HD. 25’' & 50'’ lengths.
  • HDMI Signal Repeater with Splitter2 port (1 in x 2 out) powered splitter ensures 1080p signal integrity in longer HDMI cable lengths.
  • Touch Screen Extension cable – Control the V-Station HD up to 15-32' away using our USB extension cables.
  • HDMI and SDI Signal Converter packages – Convert HDMI signals to SDI, and vice-versa for mixed signal camera outputs.

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