Professionally-produced video content can educate, entertain, and shape the perceptions of viewers. Businesses, institutions, and governmental agencies rely on it to get their message before their target audience. Web-based productions on YouTube and Vimeo are being watched more than traditional cable/satellite broadcasts. Having a system designed to do on-the-fly editing, easy transfer to video editing software, and delivery is critical in being productive. Motion Picture directors and cinematographers rely on it for pre-visualization, wherein camera angles, lighting, location scouting, and other pre-production elements can be tested. Later in post, workflow shifts to special effects, editing, sound design, and other content polishing steps. Multi-camera production is inherently complex with many time-consuming elements in the workflow.

Video Production Solutions | What We Offer

With V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording/Streaming Systems, FutureVideo dramatically altered the multi-camera paradigm. Instead of a tedious file-based approach, V-Station HD is based on a proprietary project-based workflow concept. The software integrates all of the workflow elements and manages them within individual projects. All of the metadata pertaining to the video clips is encapsulated within the V-Station HD project. Time is saved and more is accomplished more with less staff. V-Station HD’s secure RAID1 data mirroring and long recording times means storage cards running out of space or getting misplaced is a thing of the past. With its 8 hardware H.264 encoders, there are no long waits for re-encoding before the production can be delivered.

Why should Video Production Companies work with FutureVideo?

FutureVideo is an award-winning company that designs, engineers, and manufactures innovative multi-channel recording and streaming systems. Our business was founded in 1986 and our revolutionary V-Station HD solutions are well-known for their ease-of-use and performance. Some of our achievements include the Innovations Design & Engineering Award, Video Grand Prix Award, and the Innovative Product of the Year Award.

More can be learned in FutureVideo’s, “V-Station HD Pre-Visualization Tech Brief. V-Station HD’s project and media management tools were originally configured along a cinematography model. They now support a diverse range of user profiles and allow user-definable project nomenclature. V-Station HD systems are respected for their ease-of-use and remarkable performance. They are backed up by the customer support and upgrade/update path professionals expect. There is much you can learn from our website. If you’re ready for a V-Station HD online immersion session, book here.