Recording a multi-camera video production or project today is typically accomplished with separate independent recording devices—camcorders, DVRs, and audio recorders. Such projects are costly, complicated to manage, and time/staff-intensive…daunting barriers to many video content creators. The paradigm has changed. V-Station HD Multi-Channel Video Recording Systems have arrived! FutureVideo’s revolutionary approach can solve many of these problems associated with recording, editing, and timely delivery of your multi-cam video projects.

This is how: V-Station HD Multi-Channel Video Recording Systems will not only allow you to do multi-channel simultaneous HD video recording (4 or 8 cameras), it will do live-switching for live broadcast streaming during the shoot, let you edit on-the-fly (line-cuts), & log events—all in full 1080p60 HD video. The V-Station HD Pro4 Plus,V-Station HD Studio4, and Studio8 models also enable you to record the live line-cut recording on a 5th or 9th video track.

Workflow benefits: Unlike using multiple DVRs or camcorders with separate memory cards, V-Station HD Multi-Channel video recording systems provides a structured approach for project creation. This means it organizes and manages your project's recordings or clips on a single storage device using an advanced SQL media management system. This makes it easy and efficient to access these clips for later viewing and editing without having to identify and organize them after the shoot. No lost recordings or finding which camera, date, time, shot number, and notes were associated with each clip. Furthermore, transferring the entire project to your NLE system is two "Click" process using our XML generator. XML is a common schema used by many NLE software programs to identify and organize projects. In addition, recording all the edit decisions at the time of the shoot, your V-Station HD provides the NLE system with clips already synchronized, organized into bins—and with the timeline sequences generated automatically. This saves you or your editor an enormous amount of time during post-production. In addition, V-Station HD Pro4 Plus and V-Station HD Studio4, Studio8 Systems provide you with a line-cut recording (of the 'takes' made during the shoot) of your program—instantly after the shoot ends—that can be sent to a FTP site or YouTube with V-Station HD’s built-in “Uploader” feature. It only takes a few moments before your colleagues or clients can access and view it—where ever they may be.

V-Station HD is an ideal solution for those involved in Event Videography (Video Production), Education/Training projects (Video Communication), and Observation & Analysis projects (Video Observation). It’s likely you’ll find your application below.

  • Musical Performances
  • Theatrical Performances
  • Scholastic Events
  • Web Video Productions
  • Community Television Productions
  • Weddings & Festivals
  • Community Television (government)
  • Lecture Capture
  • Religious Services & Activities
  • Meetings & Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Corporate Communications
  • Behavioral Studies & Focus Groups
  • Rehearsals
  • Training & Evaluation
  • Medical Procedures
  • Lab Monitoring & Process Control
  • Mission Simulation

V-Station HD systems are designed to accommodate various applications, installations, and workflows.


Temporary or Hardwired In-house, or Temporary On-location
(multi-camera or multi-room)

[Set up] Shoot Transfer to editing system, or
[Set up] Shoot Produce Stream, or
[Set up] Shoot Edit Deliver

Hardwired Studio, House of Worship, Office, or Classroom
(multi-camera or multi-room)

Shoot Produce Stream, or
Shoot Edit Deliver

Temporary or Hardwired Laboratory, Factory, or Rehearsal Studio
(multi-camera or multi-room)

[Set up] Shoot Review Log/Annotate Share Archive

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